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Bad credit listed on your credit report can haunt you for many years by not only lowering your credit report score, but more importantly by costing you thousands of dollars in additional interest on loans or by preventing you from obtaining financing to buy a house or car you desire. While magically erasing bad credit from a credit report or instantly creating a great credit score out of thin air does not exist as a legal option, consumers may avail themselves of many methods to improve their credit report to increase their credit score, establish a high credit score over time and make their credit report more accurate.

The guide offered here at takes you by the hand and brings you step by step though the credit repair, credit rebuilding or credit establishment process whether you have excellent credit, good credit, fair credit poor credit or no credit at all. Content within the credit guide comes from a former debt, bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney. Enrollment to use the guide is free and most of the services in the guide are free too. Within the credit report guide users will:

If you need help to repair your credit, increase your credit score, establish credit for the first time, rebuild your credit after having a bad credit problem or anything else related to your credit report or credit score you have come to the right place.

To start the credit guide please register first because we need your information to track your profile, should you wish to return at a later date and to help with forms you may need through the credit repair or credit rebuilding process. Your information will not be used or distributed without your express direction. Please choose your answers carefully as the program will automatically carry out your instructions based on your responses if you have directed it to do so. Read all materials offered in the credit guide carefully, you will only be shown articles that apply to you based your answers, so if the credit guide feels you should read something take it seriously and read it thoroughly. To read more on credit repair, credit rebuilding or debt read the debt and credit FAQs and articles at Bankruptcy Alternatives Debtor’s Option. Good luck with your credit.